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Who are we ?

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cadre or vecteur-03.png
cadre or vecteur-03.png

Joyce & Norbert

The Château de Joyce, almost 2 centuries old, was once

a holiday resort for the notables of Béziers who came there

with their family… or their private secretary!




Transformed into a summer camp for almost half a century,

this domain was acquired by Joyce & Norbert in 2008 who, very quickly, exploited this magnificent site as a “libertine castle”.



Joyce and Norbert then created and operated in the heart of the naturist village of Cap d'Agde, a very popular libertine restaurant:

Having put it in management, it is therefore quite natural that they reopened the 2021, 2022 and soon 2023 versions.

of the Chateau de Joyce.

cadre or vecteur-04.png
cadre or vecteur-04.png
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