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The Joyce Castle Charter

1. You will always protect yourself

2. Your spouse will never neglect or hide anything from him

3. Your partners will freely choose

4. Without obligation always will decide.

5. Your spouse will never be jealous and his choices will be respected

6. Near your spouse night will end, unless agreement will have

7. Others will never judge and always respect them

8. Joyce's Grace Will Hear

9. And the housekeepers will spare

10 . The whole evening will have fun and with your friends will return.

cadre or vecteur-04.png

Licentiousness is above all respect, delicacy and courtesy.


A libertine evening is prepared with care, it must be special, choose an exceptional outfit.

Put yourself in a condition of seduction... For you Madam, glamor and elegance, sublimate your femininity... A jewel... A few heels, a touch of perfume...

For you, sir, a casual chic outfit... Street shoes... You are ready to seduce.

Treat others with understanding, care, and courtesy, no matter how often, with whom, where, or what style of swinging. Think CARE (Courtesy Attention Respect Enthusiasm).

If you strive to follow the following suggestions or adapt them to your own situation, you should become a valued participant:

1. Hygiene and cleanliness- nothing puts a person off more effectively than a lack of hygiene or questionable breath. Pay attention to your hygiene out of respect for others and for yourself. Our establishment for its part will make it a point of honor to respect the essential rules of cleanliness. Please do the same.

2. Respect the feelings of others- Be mindful that not everyone is comfortable in all situations, and what feels natural to you may not necessarily be natural to others. Keep your eyes peeled for your partner, like everyone else, to be relaxed and having fun. If someone doesn't seem comfortable try to help them get through the rough patches. Remember that you were beginners yourself. If it is obvious that nothing is right, be polite and courteous, but report it to the hosts. Keep in mind that not everyone feels the same way.

3. Don't be pushy- If you're interested in swinging with someone, let them know with an invitation. If they are interested, they will respond positively to you. If they are not and say “No thanks”, don't ask why! No amount of persuasion will change their point of view and it will rather work against you. Everyone has the right to say “NO”, at any time, without explanation. Never forget that.

4. How and why say no? - One of the basic rules in swinging is anyone's right to say “no”. Experience has taught most people that no one has rights over anyone. A poor understanding of the situation can lead to sentimental or moral wounds. The swinging world accepts the axiom that everyone has the right to say "no" at any time, and it should be done with a simple "No thanks". Don't give an explanation, because it's basically the explanations that cause the problems and the suffering (especially if it's to blame something.)

5. Alcohol and Drugs- Drink in moderation. At the right time, a drink can help you relax. Abuse can impair your physical abilities, as well as offend or turn others away from you. If you need to be drunk to participate, you've chosen the wrong lifestyle or the wrong vacation destination. Drugs are strictly prohibited.

6. Have fun- Most important: Have a good time. Realize your fantasies and desires, explore your own sexuality and make the most of your vacation.

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