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Conditions of access to the Château

COVID REQUIRES, we ask upon arrival at the Château:

  • Either a QR Code proving yourvaccinationagainst Covid19

  • Either a QR Code proving yourhealingof Covid19

  • Either anegative PCR test less than 72 hours

  • Otherwise a self-test will be carried out upon your arrival.

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Hydroalcoholic gel or any other disinfectant solution is made available to the public within the establishment.


As for the cleaning of the premises, a health protocol has been put in place for your safety:

  • Ventilation of rooms before and during cleaning,

  • Cleaning of surfaces then disinfection with approved product. Particular attention is paid to frequently touched items: door handles, switches, remote controls, etc.

  • Washing household linen at high temperature,

  • Washing dishes at high temperature.


All contacts that the owners will have with their guests will strictly respect the rules of social distancing.


Any contactless payment method (pre-payment, bank cards, QR code, etc.) is preferred.

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